Welcome to the “From those Forgotten” campaign. This is an older campaign I devised 2 years ago but never actually began to formally run, until now. This campaign is a 4-5th level starting campaign, and all players should be of at least this level to join. Whether you want to pull in an old character, update a lower level one, or come up with a completely new character is up to you;however, let it be known the players who make a 4th/ 5th level character from scratch will receive a restricted available magic items list.

Note: All characters are required to present to me a brief written or verbal explanation of some basics about there character, if they have not already. This need not be longer than a page or so, but more is invited, and I will read anything short of a novel (yes, if you write 20 pages on a LEGIT backstory for your character, I will read it).

Besides that, have fun with the story. I will try and write up some campaign background shortly about what is required. Please feel free to contribute by attaching your own writings, as long as they pertain to either the campaign world or an NPC you’d like to add.

Happy Gaming
DM Elio Estrada Hollenbeck

From those Forgotten