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This is the wiki page for the campaign setting of Omnigaia. Here you can find dozens odd facts and tales about the world and the denizens within it. If there is a specific section of the history I have not added, or an idea for a new type of spell, item, or anything else game related, please feel free enter it in.


The pantheon on Omnigaia is almost the same as that of the Pathfinder core rulebook. However, there are a few different factions to look out for.

Twilight Paladins

The first is the Twilight Paladins; a rogue faction of holy warriors who seek to bring about the true perfection of the world in its oblivion. They are a fanatical bunch who continue to worship gods who they have long since fallen out of favor with. They have currently been spotted more regularly in areas where there are heavy populations of true clerics even. Reports say they claim to be searching “the element of nothing” or the “essence of redemption”.

The Cult of Death

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